State-of-the-art process mining

PMTK is a novel web-based process mining tool, developed by the process mining research group of Fraunhofer FIT. PMTK implements several state-of-the-art process mining algorithms in a user-friendly manner. PMTK builds on top of the open-source pm4py project. A standalone build of PMTK is made available free of charge for non-commercial and academic use. For commercial use of PMTK, e.g., running PMTK as an on-premise web-based process mining solution, contact us via pmtk[at]

Functionality Overview

Manage different processes in the workspace
Import event logs in .csv and .xes format.
Visually explore event logs with the variant explorer
Discover process models from your event data
Interactively filter your event data, store and re-apply your filters
Export your analysis in various formats


PMTK is free of charge for non-commercial, academic and evaluation purposes. By downloading PMTK you agree to the end user license agreement (EULA)

Latest Release: Version β-8 (0.8.0) (2022-07-14)

Tool Paper

We presented PMTK at the 3rd International Conference on Process Mining (2021)

The paper covers...

  • overview of PMTK
  • detailed overview on PMTK's functionality
  • future vision of PMTK

Accessing the paper


Berti, A., Li, C., Schuster D., van Zelst S.J. (2021) The Process Mining ToolKit (PMTK): Enabling Advanced Process Mining in an Integrated Fashion (Extended Abstract). In: Kalenkova A., Janssenswillen, G. (eds) Proceedings of the ICPM Demo Track 2021, co-located with 1st International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM 2021)


Get in touch if you have any questions or custom request (pmtk[at]